Nice, but what is better still…

It is, of course, a holiday for many today. Yesterday was the day that MLK, Jr. would have celebrated his eighty-third birthday had his life not been cut tragically short. The loss cannot be softened by the fact that he was well aware of the very real possibility of his murder, but that he knew of and faced this risk head-on daily is part of the reasons we so admire him.
Will you or I ever be as well-known as he? Probably not, but to be known should never be our aim. I know many people who say and do nothing because next to MLK, Jr. or Jesus they feel so small and impotent. As I see on Facebook and Twitter today so many wonderful quotes by King I am inspired but I hope that we will never hesitate to do what he did; in fact, what Jesus did – to be bold enough to speak out against systematic injustice where it exists, even if it puts us in danger. I will warn you, if you open yourself up to the possibility of seeing injustice you will become more able to recognize it and thus begin to see it everywhere. Because we intentionally have chosen to be myopic for so long, as you begin to point it out you will not be popular in so doing. It is one thing to cite someone. It is quite another to follow their example. Which will you do?

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