Rise to the Occasion

I have previously openly admitted to the fact that I am not by nature typically a morning person. In fact, though I am not proud to admit this, if I let myself stay up reading until the wee hours of 1 or 2 (which I am apt to do as my mind is most lucid between 10 and 2) and set no alarms for myself I very easily sleep solidly and soundly until ten or eleven. As my dog is not a barker (what a freak, no?) when she wakes our morning walk is dependent on my waking, not hers – unless it is Friday, the day the garbage and recycling trucks come, a day of much cacophony and few chances of sleeping in.

While I am hesitant to even type these words as I may jinx this whole thing, I think I am becoming an early riser. I am at the very least becoming an earlier riser for the time being.

This morning found me showered, caffeinated and simultaneously playing a raucous game of fetch while making a reading plan for the upcoming three weeks at 6:30. I had woken up well before my alarms (all four of them) at 5:22 with my feet moving in time to Rufus Wainright’s “Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk” playing in my head.
Getting up at 5:20 one would assume I would be exhausted by 10 or so tonight. I hope so. I would love for this to become my new norm.

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