February, So Soon

I have been remiss on my updating lately because I am currently in the midst of reading as many sources as I can get my hands on for my lengthy research paper on fasting in ecclesial life. These vary from early Church documents by the patristic fathers to histories of fasting saints (some refer to these women as anorexic; some convincingly argue we should not and cannot for reasons of context and historical specificity — what we can all agree on is that their behavior should not be imitated *yet at the same time* there is sent another, entirely contrasting message because of the number of “miraculous fasters” of whom there are countless hagiographies and even some who have been sainted for abstinence re:food) to current research on Anorexia Nervosa.
It is fascinating. It is often quite grim and extremely gruesome, especially in some of the hagiographies. I am fully aware that I may not use many of these sources at all, but I want to do the best I can. If it pleases me and my professor, excellent. If it can be presented in the near future at an AAR gathering or some other conference, all the better.

At the same time my exegesis on the Revelation requires at least 15 sources so the struggle at this point is not to get so involved in the former that the latter suffers.

I am applying myself like I haven’t in a while to both of these papers. Research at this point has become a full-time job. I hope I can stay focused, not lose motivation, and most of all — remember to eat.


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