Somewhat Springy

The weather today was somewhat “Springy” and I decided that perhaps what I needed was to get out of the house and onto someone else’s WiFi network* to get some research done this afternoon. Off to my local legal drug dispensary I went for a chocolate chip cookie fresh out of the oven and some coffee which I was able to get the perfect shade of tan**.
I had an entire post written on the audacity of Santorum, his theological [mis]understandings, his lack of etiquette and most of all his ignorance or willful overlooking a key and definitive pillar of Catholic teaching (social justice). I had what was likely the longest and most outlined post I have ever written. After working on it for well over two hours I trashed it.
I have a sincere belief that, in personal and public life when given enough time the true characters of people shine through whether what they have underneath is lovely or lacking. One can only pretend to be what they want you to see them as for so long. While they’re busy projecting to hide some inadequacies underneath their fragile veneers, I have better things to do than to point out what is lacking in them.

Though there were some really important theological points I wanted to (and did, actually) make it wasn’t ultimately worth it. It ended up being more negative than edifying. Though I wanted to inform initially as I read it to myself before hitting “publish” it was clear to me that I was indicting, not informing. I am not an “expert” and my theology differs than a great many others’. I have not spent all this time being formally educated to chastise and correct, point-by-point Santorum or anyone else just for the heck of it where I think he is wrong, no matter how wrong I may think he is. The point, I think, is to be aware of and responsive to the multitude of questions as well as the multitude of potential solutions all around me. In the daily practice of fully living my life I have found that just going about my daily way I am given more than enough short answer & long answer questions than I will ever get to.

*I am currently looking for a better WiFi provider. My old one didn’t make me happy. It seems that what I am actually looking for is one that won’t make me miserable. Not having internet at home is at times liberating; at times preposterous.
**I like my Splenda with coffee and cream.


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