Where did it Go?

Most of my local shopping is done at a mere handful of stores: several grocery stores, farmer’s markets/fruit stands, cheese shops and butchers constitute most of my shopping, of course but on the rare occasion I find myself with an hour I love to find myself perusing the shelves of a beloved used book store, a vintage or thrift store or a gardening center.

I have watched enough Law and Order for a lifetime, truly, and one of the things I have learned is this: I would make a terrible crime victim because my movements are in fact so predictable. I do lots of things and go to lots of places but my range of motion, if you will, needs expanding.

I have done quite a few new things this year: I took trapeze lessons (!), found a non-profit that I am very invested in and devoted some time in last semester while on sabbatical, and am cementing travel plans this summer for both Rothko Chapel and Gethsemane in KY.

I suppose what may be bothering me is this: the days I got to swing on a trapeze were days that stand out, as will the day I see Rothko Chapel to be sure. While I find at least one moment of everyday magic consistently, I do remember a time not so many years ago when every day seemed overwhelmingly magical. What has changed? Age and its friends that always tag along, wisdom and perspective? Or rather is this not necessarily inevitable?

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