Goodbye: What a Misnomer

Grandma passed away last night in her sleep.

Today is a dark day indeed, but she is no longer in pain so for that I am grateful.

Trying to study for my counseling midterm is proving ineffective; steeling myself for the funeral on Tuesday is more than I can yet handle. All in due time.


One thought on “Goodbye: What a Misnomer

  1. Sarah, I understand how you feel. I remember when my grandmother (Mother’s mother) passed away; what an emptiness it left in me.

    Mother’s passing is hitting me just as hard. These last three weeks, I have felt she was gone already, just because she was not physically here at home with me. I had to keep reminding myself she wasn’t quite gone yet. But even now, it’s only her frail body that is gone. Her spirit is still alive, and we will see her again. Just remember the happy times with her. She always dwelt on the positive side of things. As time goes by, it becomes less painful to recall the memories. and it’s then that they become fond memories.

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