It Gets Worse Before it Gets Better… It Gets Worse Before It Gets Better…

I do better work, perhaps even better thinking after I undertake a deep clean here in my house. I decided to finally undertake the long overdue task of organizing my overstuffed and anything but organized closet. It is technically a walk-in, but not in the state that it is in. That is the goal for today and tomorrow. I want to get rid of, yet again, half of my pants, as I still have well over 100 pairs (and wear consistently around 20 of those). I want to find a better way to store my 20 coats and heavy winter sweaters, the only things that are truly seasonal here in our erratic NC climate. I need to find some way to store my large (really, what else would you expect by now?) collection of vintage slips, slip dresses and sun dresses so they are both easy to see and not forgotten and not so exposed that they can be snagged or damaged. I have a way to hang my vintage hats, many of them my grandmother’s, but that’s one of the few things settled. Even my socks are excessive. I never wear white socks but I had no idea I had over 120 pairs of even these, with another 30 pairs of stockings and tights and no clear idea of where to reasonably put them along with everything else in a closet large enough to put a king-size bed with room to spare.

Here comes the part where EVERYTHING gets pulled out of the closet, and I start all over again with a blank slate and add only what I deem worthy of keeping. Who knows what things I’ll find in there, long-lost loved pieces that slipped off of substandard hangers and had been assumed missing. All of this in an effort to clear out some “brain space” and better focus for my Revelation test… and if I find my green and navy Free People dress in the process, well, I won’t complain.


2 thoughts on “It Gets Worse Before it Gets Better… It Gets Worse Before It Gets Better…

  1. I will take some of your white socks, please ….
    they are definitely the ONLY items in your closet that would ever fit me ……

    1. I don’t have any! I re-read and saw that might have been a bit unclear. What I meant to relay was that even though I only wear ‘odd’ socks, I have over 100 pairs of those… from flying pigs to argyle galore to every hue of leopard and zebra, I’ve got them. I do think I have a few pair of patterned cream-colored socks, though and when/if I come across both partners in the pair I will happily pass them along to you.

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