Good Enough Intentions…

I had high hopes for my week “off”. Sure enough, I’ve gotten a good start on my Revelation mid-term and I did a bit of general housekeeping. Mom and I spent some quality time together, and I threw and gave quite a bit away.

However, I rested. After getting up for a few hours I went back to napping. Whether it’s the change of the seasons, my allergies and their annual mutiny hitting me extra hard this year or both of the above with some lingering grief from our family’s recent loss I don’t know. What I do know is while I am generally happy and excited about things, I am tired all the time.

It doesn’t really help that below you will see a picture of my partner in life and crime that really captures her personality. If you think you could look into these big brown eyes and not join her when she’s blissfully napping, well you’re a stronger person than am I.


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