On Being Made to Journal

It is a strange thing… you are made to turn in reading or reflection journals only as a student in either extreme of the educational system. That is to say, until my theological and post-graduate education I had not had to do one since I was in the second grade. Whether they are required as often in other graduate programs or as WILDLY popular with professors there I cannot say but I am no fan. It is clear to any reader who has read a post in its entirety that I am introspective; that I process and often over-process events both seemingly meaningless and most frustratingly, those I cannot change. Of course I mull over my coursework – how could one not analyze such topics as these we engage, from meaning to misapplication to application and so forth. This is not to say I want to be made to journal. It all boils down to a task that makes me feel as though I am writing a paper starting with the prompt, “On my summer vacation I…”

Perhaps I am alone in this dislike. I do feel better for voicing it. I would also like to posit that, on the whole, theological pedagogy seems to be particularly drawn to this practice thanks to none other than Augustine and his blasted Confessions.

Okay, so I’m [somewhat] kidding about Augustine. If you clicked on the link the review at the very top reveals what I really think about his Confessions and to a certain extent, the man himself.

2 thoughts on “On Being Made to Journal

  1. I did indeed. I don’t always like all of the ways “blog” is used and tend to only use it as a noun. It sounds awkward as a verb.

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