Happiness Amendments!

When I try to define or explain what an amendment is it is, “something later added to the Constitution so that things ran a little more smoothly and things generally were a little better.”

Knowing my own constitution much more intimately than I did just several months ago I am now instituting “Happiness Amendments.” These are not rules, per se, but things which I would like to put into practice in my life as much as possible because I have done the opposite and it hasn’t resulted in happiness.

Amendment 1: I will no longer correct grown adults who signify they are not clear on what the term “socialism” truly means. That was the job of several teachers in their past and it is their job now – not mine. Onward.

Amendment 2: I must bathe every day. It’s part of an implied social contract of anyone *I* want to know – anyone who doesn’t think so is getting voted off of my lifeboat first. As such, my daily baths will heretofore involve bubbles, my rubber duck and perhaps as a nod to that otherwise utterly useless utilitarian exercise, a tugboat bath toy.

Amendment 3: This year on my birthday though I suspect I will get a few cards (which will make me happy) I want to send people who are gifts to me, all throughout the year, Thank You Cards for being just that. That will bring me so so much joy.

I am sure a couple more Amendments will occur to me; perhaps I will let you know what they are and/or how they are going. If you have any input or suggestions I would love to hear them. C’mon, get happier!

One thought on “Happiness Amendments!

  1. I love this idea! will have to see if I can come up with some Happiness Amendments for my own life. You bring me joy every day!

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