This is a Post About My Haircut


I had a pixie cut L-O-N-G ago, during the Spring of my tenth grade year. I got it abruptly and on a whim and in photos it looks all right but I remember disliking it quite a bit some days. By the time school was back in session for my junior year it had grown back. My face has become much more angular in the years between now and then and for some reason, seeing the cut framing Michelle Williams’ face as well as a few other familiar (and yes, famous) faces made me seriously consider doing it again.
This time, however, I didn’t want to shock my system by doing it all at once — if I even go through with it, that is. I cut about three inches off at the first of the year and then another three inches yesterday. I am really liking this length and may hang out here for a bit, or just go one or two more inches shorter. I may be able to give up makeup because of its chemical content and almost all new-to-me clothing because of ethical concerns but hair is hair and I suppose is something I’ll always be invested in to some degree.

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