Thin Spots and Strong Points

Last week in the final meeting of our Group Counseling class** we went around the group and shared what we thought, to the best of our knowledge was our strong point insofar as innate giftedness that we were bringing to counseling as a profession and also what our thin point(s) was/were. I went last. I am brazen and bold, sarcastic and sometimes seemingly bawdy only as a defense mechanism and after a semester our pseudo-small group knows how introspective and tentative I truly am.

I finally answered that the strong point I may have is perspective. My professor replied that yes, the things I have experienced may make me uniquely qualified not only to interact with but to recognize certain things or individuals.

At the same time, my weak point may be unresolved anger or grief though the measure varies that result from the very same life experiences that make me so-called uniquely qualified, I said, something which though I am at least aware of does cause me pause.
On this point he was helpful. All people have unresolved grief, always. To think otherwise is foolish. I didn’t press him on it, and my grief is minimal. It hardly impedes with functioning. Anger, when I do experience it, both is well-deserved and aids my functioning though I still work to process it on the increasingly rare occasions that it surfaces.

**Time, time – wherever does it go?


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