Size Wouldn’t Matter to Jesus

This article is one of a handful of the better ones that address Paul Ryan’s comments where he, I believe, incorrectly argues that Jesus would be an advocate for small government based on principle. The author does well to point out that “liberal Christian leaders” were outspoken in their disappointment at some of the cuts that Republicans have promoted and/or passed in the recent past.

The two arguments are not apples and oranges and the author here makes a claim that I believe is hyperbole, stating Jesus was openly hostile to the government without qualifying it. He was against any system that oppressed persons and inasmuch and to the degree that the government of his day did so he was against it. The same is true of other entities. To state that he would advocate for a small government over a large one or vice versa is patently false; what he would advocate is a system that does not tread on the many for the profit of the few.

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