I’m Going to Get Really Real About Earth Day for a Minute

First, Happy Earth Day. I say that to acknowledge that today is Earth Day but then must state that this day is now just another day to make ourselves happy with free Eco-Swag which is pitched in abundance by companies wanting to be known as Earth-friendly. Who’s happy? Not other inhabitants of the Earth, who live next to the factories where exhaust is an everyday reality as we continue to manufacture and consume in a way that is reckless, needless and anything but kind to the Earth.

I want to state with no uncertainty: a product that you don’t need is not Earth-saving. I have gotten email offers for everything ranging from a full-size facial moisturizer at a department store beauty counter that contains exciting new natural ingredients to countless free reusable shopping totes to a small tree. I can see how these offers get people into stores successfully but I see it counterproductive to drive around, get these products and their packaging and essentially do some serious damage in the name of Earth Day.

Want to have something tangible for Earth Day? Start a compost pile. Don’t add to the problem.


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