Summertime and the Living’s Surreal

Both yesterday and today I slept until 10:30 more out of mental fatigue than physical exhaustion. Thursday my semester came to a long-awaited and yet abrupt halt, and though things are finished it doesn’t feel as though that is the case. I had two meetings with professors late Thursday afternoon where I had a brief question and answer session with my respective professors about what I had learned, and was surprised as I was speaking about how much I had, in fact, learned.

In addition to returning books to both my public and the University library today I am looking forward to getting my hands into some craft projects. I am pretty excited about something I want to make for my mom for mother’s day, but should start today and tomorrow so that if I should fail miserably I know with enough time to buy her something “store bought.”

Though I’m getting there, I’m not quite out of the zombie paralysis yet, which is entirely too clear conversationally and also here. When next I update I hope it is far more interesting, for all of our sakes.

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