Sarah and Clara, Summer 2012

I thought last semester would be less taxing that it turned out to be. I am hoping my next (and final!) semester will be rather low-key, but I am not planning on it based on past experience.

Now that I have been ‘free’ for two weeks I have done two things in particular in greater measure than in the previous five months: I have read for pleasure (5 books!) and most pleasant of all I have spent time with my brother, sister-in-law and niece.

It’s hard to believe that my favorite little person in the world is to turn two next month. She is talking not only in words but in very short phrases. “No” and “shoes” seem to be her favorite two words right now.

It was last Thanksgiving that I noticed her keen interest in cameras and began taking extra care to put mine out of her reach. Having rarely seen a camera that is not digital, after you take her photo she says gleefully, “I see! I see!” and reaches for the camera to see the photo on the LCD screen. It was in this give-and-take (admittedly, she wrested the iPhone away from me) that she was able to take the photo below, which I believe is her first self-portrait. If I may posit an opinion I think it quite good:

Here we are, my buddy and I:

I’m looking forward to a long, fun- (and photo-)filled summer this year and every summer. They come as fast as they go, faster every year.


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