The Golden Rule and Platinum Cards

I have a closed credit card with Chase that I owe no small amount on. It used to be paid by automatic withdrawal from my Wachovia account and I had no real issues. In the early spring Wachovia became Wells Fargo and my account numbers changed. When I placed a call to Chase and let them know that my account number was changing they updated it for my mortgage but not my credit card. I take no responsibility for this, honestly, nor do I take any responsibility for the fact that no calls come through to me unless the number is in my phone book. So though they had their collectors calling and calling it was to no avail. I probably wouldn’t have answered anyway. I’m pretty notorious for being averse, nearly allergic to phone calls so unless bill collectors text now best of luck to them. The whole Chase fiasco has dented my credit temporarily to be sure and I am unhappy about it, but a few years before I bought my home I single-handedly destroyed my credit on my own and built it back up. That was not insurmountable nor is this. It doesn’t keep me up at night.

Nonetheless something got into me this morning and I called Chase. I had a direct number for someone in customer relations and having a slight cold I knew I had that husky voice thing going on. I can sometimes sound a bit young on the phone, especially when forcing myself to remain patient. I explained my situation in school, that I had a mortgage with them also and had never been so much as a day late on that and had in fact made many additional “apply to principal” payments and that in the spirit of doing unto others what they were asking others – the American people – to do unto them – would they please simply consider writing off my debt? It is under a thousand dollars. After a few minutes of silence I was told that a write-off is not possible.

I was quite certain that would be the answer. I may not be too big to fail but I am just curious enough to try.

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