Going Out With My 2 Favorite Ladies

I am so very excited to be babysitting Clara tonight with my mom. Since my brother and sister-in-law are going out to dinner themselves, the three of us will begin our evening with a happy meal at the food court and then it’s off to Build-A-Bear.

Clara has gotten so big in the past few months. She still can’t say my name without a good deal of effort (‘Sarah’ takes a good deal of effort to form as well as to articulate) but her third and fourth words after ‘mama’ and ‘daddy’ were ‘mimi’ for grandma and ‘shoes’ for her favorite thing. If you think this is indicative of her being somewhat spoiled, you are incorrect – she is entirely spoiled (but still sweet).

As a matter of fact, I’d put money on someone getting shoes tonight at the mall, and if it’s only one of us it will be Clara.


2 thoughts on “Going Out With My 2 Favorite Ladies

    1. I know, I know – mean old Aunt Sarah and her practical thinking in the Clark’s store. Those white shoes were cute but as much as I usually spend on shoes on for me (Clark’s for toddlers? that’s like a La Perla diaper cover – some splurges just need to wait) and there is no WAY they’ll fit her next year, so she would have gotten a few weeks’ wear out of them for forty bucks.

      By the way, when did I become so rational?

      I didn’t take ALL of the fun out of her wild romp.

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