Arguably, It Isn’t Entirely Up To Me Whether I Read This Or Not…

I found this somewhat interesting. I’ll likely read this latest book by Harris to see if it is as intriguing as it looks/is here described (worst case, it’s a mere 91 pages).

I found him full of crap in places in his last work but full of truth in just as many places if not more. It is when I am forced to wrestle with someone in this manner that I am most infuriatingly, pleasantly out of sorts. Otherwise I may as well be re-reading The House at Pooh Corner. While dog-eared and beloved beyond words I cannot say about what Milne does in that particular volume or in any of his corpus is that he upends any of what I think I might know philosophically/theologically (very little indeed) and brings on more questions than I have answers or even concepts, language for. And if you aren’t willing to go into those potholes, well, what do you mean when you say things like “I believe,” “I think,” or “as I understand it?”


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