Soft Tissue Damage

I was on my way to lunch with my family yesterday when I was (lightly) rear-ended. As I was turning off of the highway exit going out of Raleigh onto a main Garner thoroughfare I was looking all the way to my right when bumped.

I only have some minor damage to my bumper on my car but when I woke up this morning could hardly move my head toward, nevermind to, the right. I have had this kind of pain in the past and know that with or without a visit to a doctor or chiropractor this shall pass in a few days with some TLC and Advil. As such, I’ll go without.

The worst of it is that for now I can’t sit and look down at a book or a Kindle at an angle that is comfortable so I’m just burning daylight for a few days.

I should hardly complain given that I was so relatively unharmed and the young lady that hit me (as well as her car) entirely so. I know from my last accident just how much worse things could have been.

One thought on “Soft Tissue Damage

  1. You’ve got great perspective, but it still stinks and I’m sorry. Hope you feel better soon! Love you!

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