A Monday, Both Like & Unlike Any Other

Today my hours at my internship were few but action-packed as I have class on Mondays and must work accordingly.

I was introduced to a young woman – very young – with a bus to catch a mere 20 minutes from the time of our meeting. Simply out of sheer spite some individuals unknown to her had gotten their hands on the only pair of shoes with her and cut them up to the point that they were unwearable. Not only was this a particularly spiteful way to alleviate their boredom, it meant she could neither board the bus nor enter a store to get more shoes to fit her teeny tiny size 4.5 feet as you must be wearing shoes to do so. Somehow by the grace of God I was able to get her to the store, find and buy two pairs of shoes for her and drop her off at the bus station in our 20 minute time frame while keeping both of us calm.

After a return to the ministry site I had a brief meeting with my supervisor and then was more than happy to drop a friend who is currently unhoused off at a record store downtown to see if they would buy some of his (quite amazing) vinyl collection.

Getting to ride along for the everyday stuff of life is a huge part of what I do currently. It isn’t difficult or impressive by any means. At the same time I don’t for a second take for granted that I am able to be present for this stuff of life; that trust has been and is being established on both ends for these interactions to go smoothly or to go on at all.

Like most days which I work this one held intangible and inarticulate gems.


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