Getting Really Real

This week is “reading week” for the Divinity School which I attend. “Reading week” is a bit like “fall break” was at my undergraduate alma matter except that it is a whole week in length as the name suggests and there is no break – only reading and a great deal of writing as well.

Today I was emailed my time slot for my senior panel. I had a really hard time with selection of professors for this. The instructions read, “Circle the professors you would be willing to have on your panel,” and truthfully there were none that did not meet that criteria. How lucky am I, I thought, to have this problem? even as I sat there, flummoxed.

One of the main things I’m finding myself stuck on is a book I’m presenting next week in my Supervised Ministry class about how the way most churches do missions have a nasty side effect: disempowering those they claim to want to help. While my classmates are presenting very innocuous books this is the one I selected and while I still feel it’s absolutely necessary to do this book I’m being very intentional in how I present it because at least one person is going to resent it and quite possibly me.

Things don’t typically weigh so heavily on me. I think the finality of it all; that there are only so many more of these things at this place to weigh heavily on me is precisely why the weight is such. Instead of a burden, I’m remembering what a gift every day at this place is and has been. I hope I am remembered as a gift here by some also.


2 thoughts on “Getting Really Real

    1. I am not only still available I am so looking forward to it! We can surely discuss that book and the senior panel experience. Who was yours with? I’m with Hogan and Cartledge, so I am pleased.

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