Migraineur, Migraineur

Do you know anyone suffering from an invisible pain disorder? For those not familiar with this term it is one that refers to a category of mostly chronic pain disorders which have no obvious physical manifestations. That is to say, the inside experience (misery) may not be easy to understand as the individual “doesn’t look sick.”

Migraines are my chronic and mostly invisible pain disorder. I say mostly because by day two of a particularly bad attack it is quite apparrent that something is wrong by context clues – I typically haven’t showered and my eyes, typically clear and engaged are dull and faraway whether or not I’ve had any medication.

The worst part about migraines for me, however, is that they make me invisible when I don’t want to be. I would rather be at work or at any number of my regular haunts than wearing my cheetah jammies like they’re my uniform, logging hours on my couch as though it were my cubicle. This may sound fun but we all know sick days are best used when you aren’t really sick.

I’m hoping this migraine is with so many others – in the past – come tomorrow morning but even so it will be realism, not pessimism to expect a couple more doozies before Christmas. This is part of my life. I don’t pontificate on the “good” or “bad” nature of it, nor whether it is “fair” or “unfair.” It just is. I don’t share my experience with an invisible pain disorder for sympathy but for the sake of awareness. The next time you have a co-worker call out for a couple of days and you overhear someone say, “She looked perfectly fine to me,” think about the other possibilities too.

5 thoughts on “Migraineur, Migraineur

  1. You are so right, my friend. I don’t often have migraines, but I certainly have had them and they put me under … a cool and dark room, medicine, and sleep is my cure. I’m so sorry for those (like yourself) who suffer chronically. We can do lunch next week, if you aren’t up for tomorrow. Love you.

    1. I think I should have gotten it knocked out in my IV today. If not I will text you in the morning. I can do next Wed, Thurs, or Friday.

    1. We can plan on Thursday. I haven’t gone down for the count yet and who knows how long I’ll be out when I do. I hate to push it back but I will be there (class lets out at 11:30 in B. Creek for me on Thursdays so I’ll be at the same place we planned by 12:15 if that works for you) and I can see if Lois can join… I’ll have pictures of my new nephew, too!

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