Re-Writing Curriculum, Voting and Taking Mini-Road Trips

It’s an appropriately cold Friday morning here in Raleigh, NC. I’m really pushing myself to finish (ok… to start and finish) an assignment I have due Monday night so that I can make the drive down to see my brother, Setou, little Clara and baby Matthieu tomorrow. My friend Jess said she was going to generously send some baby clothes to me to share with them (she has two beautiful boys) and I arrived home late one night last week to find a box so large I could hardly move it to get inside. I have such beautifully generous friends sometimes it is simply overwhelming.

Also on the roster of my things to do today is to VOTE. I have had time to do it more than once but felt like I needed to study up on the judges that I would be voting for here in our area. I never feel as though I have studied enough, and apparently this goes for not only tests but elections as well. I’m not particularly interested in waiting in the lines they are anticipating tomorrow, and Monday and Tuesday I am at school and/or work all day so today is the day. I’ll have to do what I always do – put my notes away and take a deep breath. Hi, my name is Sarah and I overthink everything.

You can be sure that early next week I’ll have some new pictures of my niece and nephew to share, so stay tuned!


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