Praying with Strangers in an Unfamiliar Church

This morning I had the privilege to attend what was called a training but was an intentional awareness-raising conversation with people from several area congregations and organizations on extreme poverty and homelessness.

While there we prayed this in unison, and because I found it such an articulation of what I think upon and aim for daily I thought I would not only hold onto the piece of paper on which it was printed but also share it here:

God, source of all light,
We are surrounded by the darkness of the injustices experienced by your people,
The poor who are hungry and who search for shelter, the sick who seek relief,
And the downtrodden who seek help in their hopelessness.
Surround us and fill us with your Spirit who is Light.
Lead us in your way to be light to your people.
Help us to be salt for our community
As we share your love with those caught in the struggles of life.
We desire to be your presence to the least among us
And to know your presence in them as we work through you
To bring justice and peace to this world in desperate need.


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