Love No Longer with Us & Love Newly Appeared – For Both We Are Thankful

For the last several Thanksgivings there was a palpable awareness that each one may be the last one we got to spend with my grandmother. There was a bittersweet nature to every holiday and toward the last several months of her life to every day knowing that while she was with us she was only really with us to a point and that point was on a horizon we could neither name or pin down but knew for certain was growing more distant all the time with a speed that can only be described as cruel.

This was the first Thanksgiving without her and her loss hung in the air. However, this was the first time we have had not only my niece Clara but also my precious new nephew Matthieu who on that very day turned one month old. Time takes away, but there is also so much given. We suffered some losses as a family this year but are hardly unaware of the joys we have in our presence.

For both the good and the bad, the death and the birth and for one another to lean on in either circumstance we are thankful.



One thought on “Love No Longer with Us & Love Newly Appeared – For Both We Are Thankful

  1. That was very poignant, Sarah. A nice tribute to her as we celebrate our first Thanksgiving without her physical presence. We know she and Daddy are both with us in spirit.

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