Fighting My Strongest Proclivities

It’s a beautiful, if cold, Saturday afternoon here in Raleigh and though I would rather be at home just hanging out with Maddie-dog I forced (a slight exaggeration, but I do mean slight) myself to leave the house to at least run some errands and do some work outside of my own cave. Left to my own devices I would only leave to spend time with my family, to buy what is necessary, and to go to class and to work. While one can live that way they can hardly live a life worth living that way. I think it important that I not tell others, even with the softest suggestions, to do what I am not willing to do for myself, so I can hardly advocate they tiptoe ever further outside of their comfort zones while I remain in mine in a uniform of fleece Hello Kitty pants in every moment of my off-time. Hence, here I sit. Doing what doesn’t come naturally to me knowing that like all things, with practice it will.


One thought on “Fighting My Strongest Proclivities

  1. I know what that feels like. For years, the only store I saw the inside of was a grocery store, if for no other reason than that I struggled just to keep the necessary bills paid. If I had no money to shop, why even tempt myself? I used to love going out on Friday night to the local mall, browsing the local book store (Walden’s at that time; they didn’t have all the amenities that B&N does), strolling around checking out all the little specialty shops, and buying a new pair of SHOES! And then I bought my house.

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