Baby, Let’s Roll

I love to give gifts. The hardest part of Christmas shopping for me is that I tend to get so excited about giving the gift to the person that I have to fight the urge to give it to them before Christmas. With me, it’s really a problem. Be that as it may I found myself finishing up the bulk of my shopping for my family this week including, of course, those presents for my niece and nephew. Matthieu is not so easy to buy for considering he’s only two months old. I did my best. As for Clara she wanted a tricycle and I was overjoyed. I found a pink Schwinn  roadster that, at approximately $100, would have matched my own pink Schwinn roadster bicycle. As cute as that would have been practicality won the day and she is getting a red Radio Flyer that converts three different ways as she grows. Since it is red and not pink there is the potential that she can let Matthieu use it when he is ready, though of course this is not guaranteed. I am just so excited for us to go riding together Christmas morning I cannot even tell you. Does anyone happen to know where I can find a sparkly red helmet for a 2-3 year old?



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