Different Perspectives

Two days ago the weather forecast for the Raleigh-Durham area indicated the possibility and then finally the likelihood of snow tonight and very early tomorrow morning.

While many parts of the country can get several feet of snow and continue to go on without missing a beat this is sadly not true for NC. Three inches closes down our school systems for as many days. A winter weather advisory sends out the DOT to salt the roads and every head of household out to the nearest grocery store for bread, milk and beer. More often than not we get little to no actual precipitation. The ceremony is huge. The panic is huge. We don’t see much wintry weather here so we celebrate it here. I don’t really love snow myself but do I enjoy that feeling that the world is new; that I am new that results every time I pull back the curtains of my bedroom window to see a panoramic reminder that all things have that potential? Indeed I do.

And yet…

I cannot hope for wintry weather, not tonight. Here I sit in my bedroom writing as the storm howls outside. I have windows and curtains. I also have friends who have neither and I am aching for them. I cannot hope for snow. I will instead hope for a time when all people have a choice on nights like this whether to sleep inside or outside.


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