MLK, Jr. Day — Conflicting Priorities

I have very few criticisms of the fine institution where I did my graduate studies* but of the two or three the one that burned my biscuits most was always this: that we, a religious school, had class on the day that was to memorialize the leader, pastor and theologian MLK, Jr. I made a promise to myself that I would attend the worship services I had been kept from by classes those years.

What I didn’t know at the time; what I couldn’t have known at the time was this — was that I would be emotionally invested in my friends’ at Love Wins’ lives. In so being I have become aware that it is the poor, including these friends, who are adversely affected when on holidays services such as shelters and buses are suspended and businesses and banks close. What most of us take for granted or even celebrate (i.e., a paid holiday) is anything but for some.

I had to think that Dr. King should of course be remembered but to have so many things come to a grinding halt actually exposes (to those of us in relationship with persons living in poverty) how far we must go.

I kept my promise to myself, attending some meaningful and beautiful services. I also worked on some projects from home for some of my friends and, perhaps because of the reality of where we still are and what we still must do, went about it with a concerted effort I have not had in a long time.

*Did reading that in the past tense feel weird, because writing it in the past tense certainly did. I suppose it is still too new.


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