The Day is Almost Here

I don’t typically get terribly excited about upcoming events. This is doubly the case when I am one of the celebrants of said event(s). Perhaps it is a matter of self-preservation, modesty, a character flaw or most likely a combination of these three things but I make much ado about hardly anything at all in my own life.

I’m allowing myself to make a big deal about my graduation ceremony from Divinity School (which happens in two days, 7.5 hours). More importantly I am allowing others to make much of it. I have finally come to understand that people want to make a Big Deal out of things that happen in my life sometimes and when I don’t allow it I am not letting them show me love. In not celebrating I am being more than aloof; I am being selfish. I am saying, “I refute your way of loving.”

This is not the only cause for celebration in my life lately. In allowing myself to be excited, to be present, I am practicing at life and at community.

As terrifying as it is to say, things are going pretty well for me. Things are going very well for me. I have people who are willing to come celebrate my graduation with me. In a week and a half my community is celebrating my ordination/licensing. This too is cause for celebration and I am almost to the point where I will allow myself to be as joyous on the outside as on the inside.

As always, it’s a learning process. Whether you are a traveler alongside of me during this and all of my most important (informal) education or if you are an unknown, distant reader, Thank You. There are so many unforeseen good things at hand and around the bend that I cannot wait to share and celebrate.


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