Body Damage

This afternoon I will pay for some of the irresponsible behavior of my younger years.
I will feel quite a bit of pressure, he will say.
This will only hurt for a minute, he will say.
Keep it clean and keep it covered for at least five days, he will tell me.
He is my dermatologist. There are two little moles which raised some concern at my last appointment. Today the moles will be removed.
I still enjoy soaking in all of the sunshine I can get, though these days I am covered with mineral sunscreen even on the cloudiest of days for my own protection.
I am no longer behaving in the foolish ways I did a decade ago.

I was thinking this morning about damages we incur in our youth, visible and invisible. I do wish they were as easy to remove as these moles. But I have to wonder about my precautions and self-protection. In some instances I have perhaps gone too far.

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