On Saturday morning, Love Wins arrived at Moore Square park like it has been doing for the past 6 years. This time we were told we could not do the thing we were there to do: to feed our friends who would otherwise potentially have nothing to eat either that day or on Sunday, with the move of the Salvation Army several miles out of the downtown area and the soup kitchen closed on weekends.

What happened – or rather – what didn’t happen – has been well documented, on both local and national news outlets in the past two days.

It has been a long weekend — one full of hard work, varied emotions, and too many cups of coffee. I say it often but I mean it every time I say it: I love what I do. I love my coworkers and I love – we love – our friends that we share our lives, our hearts, and every Saturday and Sunday morning, our morning meal with.

ABC News' story
ABC News’ story


Love Wins on Huffpo



WRAL’s story



Biscuitgate in the Indy

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