2013 was a year that brought a lot of changes for me.

Because I have a circle of support around me that pushes me and also props me up as needed I have grown in ways I never would have thought possible. As the year went on I spent more and more time outside of my own thoughts and outside of my comfort zone, which is precisely what I needed.

Here are some of the things that happened in my life this year:

I graduated, officially, from Divinity School. Though I finished my studies in December 2012 my graduation in May 2013 was a long-awaited day for both me and my family (biological kin & fictive kin alike).

I was ordained by my worshipping community. I am getting used to being referred to as “Pastor Sarah,” though this has taken a while. I try not to take lightly what it means to be called that, even on my worst day.

I transitioned from a Pastoral Intern to the Associate Pastor at Love Wins. It is not a job. It is my primary community and the place where I have not only seen change, growth and healing but daily bear witness to the fact that these things are needed and possible in all of us.

I decided to take steps to allow myself the opportunity to recognize and participate in a healthy and worthwhile relationship when one presents itself. The biggest step in this process was long-overdue and targeted therapy to address issues I had been skirting around or actively avoiding for over a decade. Therapy is hard work but like most difficult things, very much worth it.

I got over my fear of public speaking. I was able to speak several times about Love Wins and our work there. I was particularly honored to have the opportunity to speak twice at Campbell University as an alumni.

This list is not exhaustive. There were many golden moments this year: weddings (I assisted in officiating my first this year), babies, countless moments of joy with my niece and nephew, a mini-renovation of my home (most golden when it was over), concerts attended, dinners with friends. Life has been good to me this year.

I am finding my footing in many ways and I am looking forward to seeing what 2014 has in store. Stay tuned – I’m hoping I will be a more regular updater (or a failed optimist — we’ll see).

Happy New Year, everyone.


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