The Great Flood

Five hours into 2014, I found myself standing in front of my bathroom sink in a state of absolute panic, ankle deep in water and unable to stop the leak.

Not entirely awake or sure what to do I did the one thing I could do… I called my momma and daddy.

It was not without some thought that I did so; it was unfortunate enough that I was awake at 5 a.m. I did not take lightly the fact that I was about to wake others, including my mother, who recognizes the inherent holiness of sleeping late like I do. My dad, on the other hand, is altogether unlike us in this way, waking effortlessly before dawn like some showy ascetic.

I was surprised, then, when it was my mom who answered. I was embarrassed because something about these situations of utter helplessness that cause me to turn to them can make me unable to keep my composure. This, compounded with the relentless pulse of scalding hot water hitting me in the shin as I stood helpless, trembling and trying to relay what was happening, made me feel more like a 12-year-old than a 32-year-old.

My mom’s voice had an instant impact on me. Hearing her say “hello?” was all I needed to know I could live through this. Worst case scenario, I was dealing with an actual flood. I had always wanted a houseboat, hadn’t I?

My thoughts and breathing steadied enough that I located the knob and, while being sprayed in the face, turned it to stop the deluge. There were now 30 gallons or so of water pooled all around me.

That was three days ago and though we used (ruined) every bath and pool towel in the house in addition to professional drying equipment, it’s still damp.

I have been entertaining the idea of renovating that room since buying this house. It is no longer optional. The flooring and cabinets must be replaced, and the paint on one wall was sprayed off.

Someone, trying to make me feel better, said something well I intentioned about what a pain in the ass dealing with homeowner’s insurance is. They’re right – it is. My deductible is 5k, which I don’t have right now. I’m going to have to borrow it. But what a problem to have. It’s currently twenty a something degrees outside.

I could care less about my bathroom. I’m sick to death about my friends who are currently outside in this. Their situation actually is a matter of life & death.


One thought on “The Great Flood

  1. I’ve been worried too, ever since the reports started coming in about these extreme temperatures. It really does put everything else into a different perspective doesn’t it? Praying for safety and warmth that passes all understanding for your friends and mine, and especially those who have no friends.

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