On Dormancy and Dead Leaves

Though it’s only early February I feel as though it has been winter — as if I have been wintering — for far too long.

I am especially eager for Spring, for new growth, for new signs of life in every sense.

I am no great gardener but even I know this truth: in order to have new life you must be a dutiful pruner. This is no easy task.

Case in point: my sentimental garbage. Several weekends ago I had finally had it. I was feeling weighed down from all of the detritus of my past that I had allowed, somehow, to enter my house. I ended up bagging up all kinds of things that were weighed down with negative energy or simply needed to find a new home: everything from four different prom dresses to a hatbox of greeting cards from my two most serious relationships. I neither wanted nor needed that stuff. It had nothing to do with my life anymore and I didn’t want the reminders, no matter how occasional.

What dead leaves are you clinging to? I still have some pruning to do, believe me, but I have a feeling I am going to bloom bigger this year than ever before.



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