Who Are Your Cheerleaders?

Thursday morning I was able to take an hour or so away from work to meet my mom, my niece and my nephew at McDonald’s for some happiness and Happy Meals.

When I arrived, my niece was excited to see me. She made this apparent by yelling, “Yesssss! Aunt Sawa!” very loudly and pulling me to her, meaning I cut in line in front of about 8 people.

Typically I would find anything that drew attention to me problematic or embarrassing. You kind of learn to let things like that go when you have a three year old in your life, especially one that is so clearly demonstrating love for you.

It made me wonder, later, whether I have had cheerleaders in my life whose motives have been similar to my niece’s but who I have managed to push away because of my discomfort. If so, that was unfair to both of us.

I can only hope that moving forward I handle it differently.

I have found that giving others praise has made it easier for me to accept praise. The two go hand in hand. Even at 32, having cheerleaders and being one is something I’m learning, but I’ve got some good teachers.



2 thoughts on “Who Are Your Cheerleaders?

  1. It is so true, sometimes to avoid discomfort I avoid and brush off any sort of attention but with my niece and nephew I find that I don’t mind it. Their confidence and freedom is kind of contagious and has led me to make a fool of myself in public more than one. Cheers! 🙂

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