13 Years Later

I recently dipped my toe into the world of online dating. That was an education the likes of which I would not have gotten any other way.

It was both a brief and overall positive experience; one with several good outcomes. One unexpected outcome was that I was put back in touch with people I knew in undergrad or for some other reason long ago. I suppose that’s bound to happen when you spend your entire life in a place. There are only so many people in an area, and some of them are pretty great.

Like my friend who lived down the hall from me my first year at NCSU that was a good guy with amazing taste in music and a muted but remarkable generosity. I blinked and thirteen years had passed. He has a dog and a career; same for me.

I’m always fascinated to see how people have changed and how they have stayed the same because it makes me wonder the same about myself.

I’ll have the chance to see how my friend from down the hall has changed when we go out for drinks tonight.


I was [over]thinking about that question: How have I changed, undoubtedly and fundamentally? I am not insecure, not materialistic, not mean-spirited anymore (to put it simply: not 19).

I think I’m just more at ease being who I’ve always been.

One thing that hasn’t changed is my certainty that the late 90s produced the best music we’ll ever know. I listened to this song just now, which took me right back to that place and time in 2000 at University Towers. It wasn’t a bad place to remember.



2 thoughts on “13 Years Later

  1. Sarah, how did it go? I’ve always had difficulty reconnecting with people I used to know, probably because as an Air Force brat, I became accustomed to “closing the door” when I moved from one place to another. Mother was so good about keeping in touch with people through letters and Christmas cards, but I never developed that skill.

    1. It was a lot of fun!

      I love reconnecting with people. I am not as good at staying in touch with people as I would like but I do OK. Being from here I really do enjoy seeing people I went to high school and college with so frequently.

      I always say that I can’t go to the bathroom in downtown Raleigh without running into someone I know, which isn’t an exaggeration, and which I enjoy, mostly.

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