Adulthood and Sassy Shoes

Note: this was originally written in mid-December & somehow got stuck in drafts.

Contrary to what we thought when we were younger, adulthood is not a non-stop blur of fancy dinners and glamorous events. Sure, there are those things but there are also things that just aren’t that fun.

Something like 45% of my life (and yours) is spent on the dreary details: vacuuming, changing the sheets, having the oil changed and making sure the leaves in the gutters are dealt with. Seriously sexy stuff.

Today I spent 20 minutes on a rebate AND mailed it in (I always fill them out, it’s the mailing them in part I tend to struggle with) so I gave myself a life award. New shoes!

$69.99 on sale, with my loyalty savings I got them for less than the $25 I’ll be getting back from my rebate. How’s that for rationalization? Maybe adulthood is more glamorous thought. I still have to vacuum, but if I do it in my new shoes it may not be so dreary..



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