We got some snow last week (2″) – which you may or may not know is enough to bring NC to a grinding halt for days.
I do not do well when stuck at home for days on end.

Over the past two days an additional 7″ of snow has fallen at my little bachelorette pad just a few miles outside of Raleigh, NC. This amount is rare here. The last time it happened was in early December 2000. I lost power & internet in my apartment and had to study for finals so I had to check into a hotel for 4 days.
I *did* get straight As that semester.

What’s interesting to me is to pay attention to the reactions of people to this event. It strikes me that those with the strongest positive reaction are the ones that respond in much that same way to most things outside of their control. Seeing events as unavoidable and neutral they neither take them personally nor do they take their frustrations out on other people. Instead, they realize that no matter their reaction or feelings about it *this IS happening* so they may as well have some fun. These people, I have noticed, are very often the ones to bring others along for the inevitable ride, even though they may not know where they are going.

And then on the other end of the spectrum are the people that are irritated by the snow. They’re irritated by nearly everything, but this includes precipitation. It seems to me these are the individuals who have not learned to be stressed out about work or family situations and remain communicative to the other people in their life. In the past year or so especially I have started to pay attention to how people handle adversity because it matters so much.
Bad stuff is going to happen; it just is. Try to be one of the people that looks for the sled when they wake up to a foot of snow rather than one of the people that gets pissed off about how this is really going to throw off your entire week. It’s going to throw off everyone’s week. But pity parties stopped being acceptable when we started middle school. And more importantly, it shows a lot about you.

And now some obligatory snow day pics:




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