Big Gulps and Big Changes

It began in high school, when it was easier to eat Pop Tarts than an actual lunch, but my problem really didn’t get out of control until college when I could go weeks without stepping foot into an actual grocery store. I worked at a (very good) restaurant and ate a considerable amount of my meals there, but nearly all other food was pre-packaged, preservative-saturated garbage that could be bought (and typically was) at the Shell station down the street. Graduate school didn’t make this any better. Though I can cook I rarely did, even when I became a homeowner and had my own kitchen all to myself with no roommate to argue about the dishes or unloading the dishwasher about.

That was fun in my 20s. Let me be clear – it was terrible for me, but I was relatively unaffected. I’m 33 years old now and I value things I didn’t even think about then: a solid eight hours’ sleep, waking up in the morning without feeling groggy and not having brain fog. Knowing I should probably, I don’t know, eat a vegetable (not counting the shredded iceburg lettuce in Taco Bell tacos) I saw my holistic health practitioner to talk about my diet.

She was so happy I brought it up (having tried to do so several times throughout the years of our work together with no success) that she showed her emotion visibly. My diet is that bad.

Or I should say it was. That was several weeks ago. Though I still have a Big Gulp of Mountain Dew to jump-start my writing process (I wear the same Oxford shirt every time I write, too – traditions are traditions and are not to be broken) I now eat in an entirely different way. And I feel better, sleep better and look better. I haven’t had the mid-afternoon headaches or irritability that I had grown accustomed and I’m a lot nicer.

I could go on, but I would like to get to the Farmer’s Market before it gets too late.

My favorite thing about Spring is that it is a time when change abounds. What changes are you making?


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