Any kind of ending is really, really difficult. I’m one of those people that can sometimes hang on for longer than is either necessary or healthy, seeing in people the person that was there in the beginning though I am sitting across from an entirely different person. This is true not only in romantic relationships but in friendships as well. In fact, I have found that it is much more painful for me to end friendships than strictly romantic relationships. I had to do that recently with a very long-tenured friendship and it left a gaping hole and many unanswered questions. I wrote about it on another social media site and decided to share it here. It’s a true story, but also an extended metaphor. I dedicate this to Shane.

They removed a HUGE tree from my front yard this week. I have a lot of feelings about it, really. Every time I walk out the front door I stop for a second, its absence as jarring as a front tooth from the landscape.

But it had to go. I have had some flooding and water drainage issues for nearly a year now. It turns out the roots of this tree had burst the water main, causing a small leak that now has to be fixed before it turns catastrophic. Getting rid of the tree and its roots were triage. It was necessary but still a bit sad. It was at least 25 years old, here before the place was even built. It took the arborist all of 10 minutes to skillfully remove it and lift it into his truck with a crane.

Creation goes slowly, it seems, but destruction takes no time at all. Isn’t that the way it always seems to be?



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