Happy Mother’s Day and a Happy Priceless Motherf—– Day to You

Ah, Mother’s Day. That magical time when those who have lost or are without their mothers for whatever reason are reminded more acutely than nearly any other day, and when those who are without children for any number of reasons feel like everyone is at a party they didn’t get invited to and they have no choice but to watch the festivities.

Let me tell you, as someone with a remarkably healthy relationship with my mother and someone who is so, so glad I have not as yet had children, Mother’s Day is the WORST. I am asked all the time from people who know me well enough to ask such a question and from people who don’t even know my last name, “How come you don’t have kids?” “When are you going to have kids?” as if the answer to that isn’t as simple and complex as “never been the right time, I’ve been busy raising myself.”

As have you. For those of you who are parents in the traditional sense and for those of you who are parents in the way that I am; mothering or fathering as a citizen of the world, a person in your building or a part of your city, you are a Priceless Motherf—–. Today, and every day, I hope you know that. Today I declared it “Priceless Motherf—– Day,” and spending all diggity damn day celebrating myself. I encourage you to do likewise someday in the very near future, but whether or not you do please remember the following two truths:
1.We are all family, and it wouldn’t be the same without you. You. Yes, you. I am glad you are part of my neighborhood, city, life, and world.
2. Tomorrow is hard for lots of people. Don’t downplay whatever celebration you have for your mothers out there, by any means. I would never minimize my Mother’s Day celebration for my own mom. But do remember that for lots of people there is a lump in the back of their throats and tears barely kept at bay. A ridiculous amount of the benefit of the doubt and good old graciousness never hurt anyone. Spread that sh– around like frosting tomorrow.

Happy Mother’s Day and Happy Priceless Motherf—– Day, to all.


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