People Over Potties, Pat.

Last night I was driving home from dinner with my family. As I pulled onto my exit there was an older gentleman with snow-white hair and dazzling turquoise eyes sitting on a dirty milk crate. “Hello gorgeous,” he said. “Did you have a nice Mother’s Day?” “I did,” I told him. I didn’t ask him the same question in return. It felt rude to. I had the feeling that if he was busking for change he very likely had not had a good day, though these things are relative. I didn’t have any cash but I gave him what I had, a little bag of almonds and a CLIF bar. When I pulled off I was a bit of a wreck. I think it was the phrase “Mother’s Day” in combination with this interaction that really messed with me. This man, no matter what else he is, was someone’s baby just like I am – just like you are. When he was born there were, I am guessing, so many hopes and dreams. How have we let this happen? Why are we OK with him having to ask for change in order to eat?

I was saddened for the evening by this interaction but when I saw that my governor has chosen to spend money on a suit to continue this bathroom bill nonsense  I was livid. People over potties, Pat. People matter. My friend very likely has to use the restroom outside a good deal of the time because of spending priorities in our state. That isn’t OK with me. Enough is enough. We have plenty to deal with by addressing real issues. Whenever you’re ready.


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