It was bound to happen, as many (metaphorical)  balls as I have in the air:  my job which I love (even when it requires me getting up at 4:30 in the morning, which is contrary to my nature), wedding planning (Dan and I get married in 29 days) and going to graduate school full-time…

It was pretty inevitable that one of those balls would fall and hit me right in the face, which it did tonight as I was in my Monday night psychotropic meds course.

There I was, being my usual ADD self, looking at the syllabus of my CBT class when I noticed the paper I thought was due next Tuesday is actually due tomorrow as well as an assignment I hadn’t started but planned on doing tonight.

A year or so ago I would have absolutely had a meltdown; an internal sermon of self-doubt of epic proportions going through my head as I berated myself.

Not today. This time, I knew the kind of A paper I can churn out in 4 hours (having done so last semester… and the semester before that…)

I’m just not sure if I should consider this progress or recognize a dysfunctional, destructive pattern. I suppose that’s something I can think about Wednesday when I don’t (I hope!) have a paper due…


2 thoughts on “Balls.

  1. No, you’re just learning that the world won’t end just because you lost a juggling ball. These things happen to all of us at one time or another (I remember a fellow co-worker who berated himself because he forgot to pick up his daughter from the library as he had promised his wife he would do, and I myself totally forgot that I was to attend my church’s Christian school graduation as the school librarian one evening, even seeing my graduation gown hanging on the door! I was so looking forward to wearing that gown as a sign of my signature achievement: a college degree! I blamed it on the migraine I had been fighting all day).

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