What’s in a name?

I was never the only Sara(h) in my classes at school growing up. Sarahs with an “-h” were often the minority, and I was glad my parents gave me the 5 and not the 4 letter version of my name.

Nearly all of the other Sara(h)s had E as their middle initial, as do I,  but their names were Sara(h) Elizabeth.


I, on the other hand, am Sarah Elaine.

I share this middle name with one of my three aunts. I have come to think of it as more a “family heirloom” than my last name, which is relatively common.

After a bit of fence-sitting about my name and whether/how to change it, I will keep my last name but also take Dan’s. I will also keep (and sign as part of my legal name in its fullness, as I do now) the “Elaine” because… that’s who I am.


Sarah (Jane) Elaine (“the pain,”according to my older brother as we were growing up).






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